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About Katherine Kass

About Bellevue, WA

Dr. Kate Kass is a lisenced Naturopathic Physician. She treats a broad range of acute and chronic conditions seen in family practice however she specializes in male and female hormone health, bioIdentical hormone pellets, men and women's sexual health function, and integrative aesthetics. It is Dr. Kass's highest priority to seek out the most effective and cutting edge therapies in age management and functional medicine.

Dr. Kass earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from an integrative medical school, National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, OR. She received her bachelor's degree from University of California, San Diego, renowned for it's rigorous bio-medical sciences. She is part of a highly specialized consortium of physians called the AntiAging Group (AAG) and regualrly attending member of American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine, Women's Health Institute, and the Age Management Medicine Group.

Dr. Kass is deeply dedicated to guiding each patient on their journey to optimal wellness; providing her patients with the cutting edge diagnostic tools and treatments from the world of age management and functional medicine combined with proven protocols from conventional medicine. Her commitment to finding the root cause of illness ensures effective and integrative treatments with sustainable results

Dr. Kass is currently leading an innovative treatment program for men and women's optimal sexual wellness. Certified in the O-Shot and Priapus Shot, two non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatments for optimizing men and women's sexual function.